Laser Cladding

The process

Laser hardening belongs to the surface or surface layer hardening processes and is used on steels and suitable cast iron materials. By absorption of the laser beam on the surface of the workpiece, temperatures (with a heating rate of approx. 1000 K/s) are generated in a very short time, which ensure austenitization of the material structure. By moving the laser beam relative to the surface, a heating zone (under the laser beam) and a cooling zone (following the laser beam) are moved over the surface of the workpiece. Due to the fact that the heated material volume is small, in the cooling zone after the laser beam the energy can be dissipated in the base material by heat conduction so quickly that self-quenching occurs, i.e. the cooling rate is sufficiently high and consequently martensitic transformation and hardening of the steel occurs.

Our portfolio

ERLAS has developed and implemented many laser cladding systems for its customers in the more than 20 years of company history. In our portfolio, you can filter specifically by parameters such as kinematics or component feeding to get an impression of our capabilities. By the way, you can also add other technologies such as laser hardening to get an overview of our entire range of services. The overview will be extended continuously. So please have a look again soon.

Basic structure

Component feed and discharge

Automation components



Compact welding system with shuttle systems - Low-warpage welding of sheet metal assemblies


Variant-flexible rotary transfer machine with exchangeable workpiece nests for 2D scanner welding


Roboter gestützte Anlage zum Härten und Auftragsschweißen an Bauteilen mit großen Abmessungen.


Robot-assisted system for hardening and buildup welding on components.


Flexible, automated laser welding cell for thin sheet or foil joints.


Compact robot welding cell for prototype and small batch production with manual loading
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