Laser welding at the leading service provider

We are a leading supplier in the field of laser welding and guarantee you the greatest possible application flexibility with different laser beam sources and guiding machines. Benefit from the many years of experience and outstanding expertise of the powerful laser technology company ERLAS!

ERLAS is a leading service provider for laser beam welding and convinces with decades of experience and expertise. We offer maximum application flexibility in laser welding with different laser beam sources as well as guiding machines. With laser welding, it is possible to selectively adjust seam widths and welding depths so that both the thinnest foils and thick sheets several centimeters thick can be joined. Joints of material combinations that are not possible with process reliability using other welding methods can be easily mastered with laser welding thanks to the locally limited energy input. The use of filler material can also be helpful in solving joining tasks.

Laser welding in Germany at the highest level: The regularly renewed welding certificates, compliance with the associated standards, the use of process monitoring systems and, last but not least, the specialist knowledge of our internationally recognized welding engineers guarantee that we achieve optimum quality in laser welding.

ERLAS satisfies as an innovative supplier in every respect:

  • Use of the latest laser technology
  • Best qualified team
  • Individual service offerings
  • Many years of experience
  • Excellent customer service
  • Comprehensive portfolio
  • Personal advice
  • Reliability and punctuality

Besides laser welding, we offer a wide range of services of the most modern laser technologies in our job-shop:

Lasergeschweißte Superkondensatorbänke

Laser welding:
From the product idea to series production

The laser beam welding process is particularly recommendable if the process-specific advantages are already utilized during component design. Therefore, we offer you a holistic service for laser welding. ERLAS supports you both in laser welding-compatible design, the production of prototypes or sample parts and later in series production. The component-specific clamping technology for laser welding is supplied by ERLAS's own mechanical engineering department. Thanks to our own metallography and the use of a 3-D coordinate measuring arm, we can guarantee high production quality of laser welding. Laser-welded products from ERLAS are used in automotive engineering, medical technology and mechanical engineering, among others. Would you like to learn more about our all-round service in the field of laser welding? Then contact our sales staff directly now for individual advice.

Several process variants are available for laser beam welding. Depending on the beam source used, the focusing and the use of additional materials, the laser welding processes lead to different seam geometries and usage properties. Heat conduction welding with the laser beam is limited to a welding depth of approx. 0.5 mm. The advantage of this process, however, is that the surfaces of the seams meet the highest optical standards. Depending on the application, laser beam intensities in the range of several kilowatts are required for large weld penetration depths of up to eight millimeters with simultaneously small weld seam widths. A vapor capillary then forms during laser welding, which supports the deep penetration of the laser beam and its absorption by multiple reflections. Gap bridging is ensured by using filler materials in wire or powder form. In this way, surface coating or targeted alloying of the molten metal is also achieved. ERLAS masters these processes and applies them specifically to laser beam welding.

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