Laser hardening with state-of-the-art laser equipment

Laser hardening is one of the core competencies of ERLAS. We have been offering our customers innovative laser hardening systems for more than 20 years and successfully use them in our job-shop.

In the field of laser hardening, ERLAS is a supplier of the first hour. Since we developed the world's first hardening system based on a high-power diode laser in 1998, we have been offering our customers laser hardening systems of the ERLASER® HARD series. Our systems are also successfully used for customers who have laser hardening carried out as part of our contract manufacturing. At our locations in Erlangen (Germany) and Amurrio (Spain) we produce with five laser hardening and coating systems for the tool and machine building industry.

Laser hardening is a transformation hardening process in which the laser beam heates the workpiece very quickly so that the lattice structure is transformed into a fine austenite. When you laser harden materials, the carbon diffuses from the grain boundaries into the grain. As the laser beam moves away, the material cools and the lattice structure transforms again. Since carbon is present in the solution, laser hardening prevents the formation of pearlite and hard martensite is formed. In surface hardening, the outer layers of metallic components are hardened. This type of laser hardening is mostly used when steels with low carbon content have to be processed, because a tough core is needed, but at the same time a wear-resistant surface. As a competent laser technology company, ERLAS is the suitable contact in the field of laser hardening. Contact our customer advisors now to get detailed information about the possibilities of laser hardening or directly request a quote to have your components laser hardened.

Use the modern laser hardening equipment and benefit from these advantages at ERLAS:

  • Innovative laser technology
  • Excellently qualified professionals
  • Individually configured offers
  • Many years of experience
  • Optimal customer service
  • Wide range of services
  • Professional advice
  • Reliability and punctuality
Härteoptik einer ERLASER HARD Anlage

Laser heat treatment - a task for experts

Laser heat treatment has decisive advantages over conventional processes. With temperature-controlled process control and graded adjustable track widths from five to 60 mm, partial, martensitic laser hardening has become an established technology that is increasingly replacing hardening with flame or inductor. Even complicated geometries, such as those often found on cutting tools for sheet metal formed parts, can be precisely and reliably realized with laser hardening. Laser hardening is suitable for all commercially hardenable steels and enables excellent quality. The hardening depths can be set between 0.2 and 1.5 mm for laser heat treatment.

We use a constantly growing technology database for laser hardening and can therefore guarantee the desired hardening results even for batch sizes of one. Since laser hardening only treats the surface layer, there is significantly less distortion compared to other hardening processes. Therefore, post-processing is usually not necessary. For programming the laser hardening systems, ERLAS uses an integrated CAD/CAM solution with Toplas3D® software. Advantages of our approach to laser heat treatment include advance feasibility testing, shortened lead times, and consistent hardening depths. The laser hardening process is used, for example, in the precise machining of tools for solid and sheet metal forming, body drawing, bending, cutting or injection molding.

Also, find out about the other ERLAS technologies we use in contract manufacturing in addition to laser hardening:

Would you like to learn more about ERLAS? In the section about us you will find a lot of information about our company and our philosophy. We will be happy to explain our offer for laser heat treatments in detail during a personal consultation.

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