Flexible, automated laser welding cell for thin sheet or foil joints

The highly efficient fully automatic machine is designed for overlap welding of thin sheets and foils in series. The max. permissible component dimension is approx. 600 x 400 mm. For the welding of sensitive materials there is the possibility of an improved argon cover incl. root protection. An adjustment of the seam geometry (e.g. for process stabilisation) can be achieved through the targeted use of the scanner's wobble function. The OCT inline process control detects faults (e.g. binding faults and shoot-through). Defective components are sorted out.


  • Welding cell with fibre laser (e.g. IPG YLR-500-MM)
  • MobiCell cell on welded base frame
  • Component feed and discharge of the sheet metal parts in the stack via drawers
  • Robot for thin sheet handling (e.g. KUKA KR16)
  • Variant-flexible special gripper with suction lifting technology
  • Sensor-supported component scanning and recognition
  • Scanning welding optics for seam design
    Focus diameter < 100 µm
  • Integrated OCT inline process monitoring (e.g. IPG LDD-700)
  • Highly dynamic, high-precision 3-axis gantry with linear direct drives (position accuracy better than 0.01 mm) on granite base
  • Hold-down device easily exchangeable via pull-out
  • Use for unmanned production
  • Laser-safe cell
Portal with the clamping device into which the plates to be welded are inserted from the stacking magazines.
Fixtures designed for the part variants can be brought into the system via a double-wing gate

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