Robot-assisted system for hardening and buildup welding on components with large dimensions

Systems from ERLAS based on industrial robots for laser-assisted surface processing have been proving themselves for 20 years in toolmaking for hardening and cladding technologies, among others. One of many outstanding features is the variable applicability of the continuously developed processing head for both hardening and cladding. Both technologies are often used alternately. Based on many years of experience of ERLAS, technology data and process parameters are also available for exotic materials.

[ERLASER] HARD+CLAD combines the technologies of laser beam hardening and cladding in a compact and versatile expandable system, which can be supplemented by components according to the customer's wishes and individual requirements. In the basic configuration, an industrial robot serves as the guiding machine for the high-performance processing head developed by ERLAS. A solid-state laser with a power of up to 20 kW is used as the beam source. The laser power control is performed by the integrated software with a control frequency of up to 1000 Hz. An integrated, fast temperature measurement at the processing spot with the help of a ratio pyrometer guarantees a perfect result. Thanks to the technology database, stored process parameters can be retrieved at any time and all process variables (temperature, laser power, feed rate, ....) over time are logged for each job.

  • Large and flexible working area thanks to articulated arm robot
  • Water-cooled high-performance processing head
  • Solid-state laser with a power of up to 20 kW
  • Temperature measurement directly at the processing spot
  • Technology databases for storing and selecting suitable process parameters
  • Precisely controllable powder feed for additive manufacturing
  • Software controller for laser power control, max. control frequency 1000 Hz
  • Expandable according to customer requirements

Built for your application

To increase the working area, the robot can be placed on a linear axis. We offer this concept as the ERLASER® HARD+CLAD XL expansion stage. An optional rotary axis for rotationally symmetrical workpieces or a rotary tilting table for complete 5-sided machining provide even more flexibility. Additional machining heads, even from third-party suppliers, can be integrated into the machine. Machining heads are changed automatically via quick coupling systems.


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